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LGT Lightsaber-RGB Xenopixel Proffie Metal Hilt Heavy Dueling Light Saber with 12 Sound Fonts Sensitive Smooth Swing

LGT Lightsaber-RGB Xenopixel Proffie Metal Hilt Heavy Dueling Light Saber with 12 Sound Fonts Sensitive Smooth Swing

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Recommend Age: 18+

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Metal

Features: Flashing

Certification: CE,UL

CN: Guangdong

Brand Name: Custom Saber


For Base Lit 4 SoundsRGB Version

This is an introductory version designed for fans unfamiliar with lightsabers.

It is based on the RGB-X version with some functions deleted to achieve the purpose of reducing offer price.

This version has 4 sets of classic sound effects, and the smooth swing is not as sensitive as the RGB-X version, no motion control,FOC can not be turned off,other functions are the same.

They all use the same high quality metal handle ,PC blade and accessories.The handle is detachable, so if you want to try more functions after purchasing this product, you just need to buy a different version core, and the lightsaber upgrade can be completed after a simple installation.

Sound Fonts:Dark Saber/ Kylo Ren/ Rey/ Darth Vader

For Base Lit 9 SoundsRGB Version

1. Realistic movie character sound fonts,more closer to your hero.

2. Huge color range,reach any color you want.

3. Functions: sensitive smooth swing,blaster,saber lock up,color changing,3 sound volume adjustment,3 light effects,9 sound fonts changing.

4. For heavy dueling,sturdy PC blade and high quality metal handle are strong enough to support heavy dueling.

Sound Fonts:Palpatine/Rey/Leia/Kylo Ren/Obi Wan/Earl Dooku/Fallen Order/Luke Skywalker/Dark Saber

For Base Lit 12 Sounds Version

This is a new release.

On the basis of the previous version, the R&D cost of the gravity sensor has been increased to make the smooth swing function more perfect;

The sound effects have been expanded from 9 sets to 12, and 3 movie character lightsaber sound effects added to give you a more immersive duel experience;

Developed and matched the montion control function, which was previously only available in the expensive Pixel models. You can also choose to turn on/off the function to decide whether to use button control or motion control;

The FOC function has added the option to turn on/off. In previous version FOC function can only be turned on and cannot be turned off. But voice from fans, we know that FOC feature will make fans who participate in the competition miss out on points, so we specially developed and added the on/off option so that you can turn off the FOC when you don't need it. Hope you all get better results in the game.

Sound Fonts:Scavenger (Rey), Princess (Leia), Rage Knight (Kylo Ren), the High Ground (Obi Wan), the Count (Dooku), The Fallen (Cal Kestis), The Dark Lord (Darth Vader), The Dark Sword (Dark Saber), Dark Ages (medieval sword font), the Second (Second Sister), Serenity (generic Jedi font), Emperor (Emperor Palpatine).

For XenoPixel Version

The XenoPixel V2 board is our latest, most cost-effective pixel lightsaber board.

1. Our XenoPixel V2 has vastly improved smooth swing over our RGB-X board, comparable to the best boards on the market.

2. The board includes a micro SD card, which allows you to add a vast library of sound fonts.

3. An array of new special blade effects make the XenoPixel V2 more versatile than any economy class board on the  market.

4. Special blade modes and effects include Flame Blade, Rainbow Blade, Unstable Blade, Pulse Blade, Blaster Mode, Ghost  Mode, and various preon modes.

5. Some of our classic features mix with new capabilities: the original Color Wheel, volume settings, blaster effect and flash  on impact is now joined with extending and retracting blade effects, dragging blade effect, music player, and motion  controls!

6. XenoPixel V2 features a new firmware upgrade feature - by simply adding a special upgrade file, we will be able to add    new features in the future!

Videos FOR More Details:


We provide 12 months warranty for each saber we sold.

Long time warranty make you order and play it without any worries.

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